Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

Well, it's getting cooler again. The wind starts to remove the leaves from the trees and you desire your warm and comfortable sweaters. But don't be too quick to act. Perhaps you should undress the way our arboreal friends do.


The first syllable is a little rough, it's true, but be gentle with it and it shall return the favour. Then the D follows sweetly into the Y's short I, as in dizzy. And if we're lucky, removing our outer layer is dizzying. So that I is a long E that moves nicely to the schwa of the A. Then, as always, we love the ending. That L leaves our tongue on the backs of our teeth, pushing softly and seductively.

I've given you a few hints about the meaning. Have you been paying attention?

adj. -- related to the shedding or casting off of an outer coat or integument by snakes, crustaceans, etc.

There is a related term that provokes thoughts of eroticism coined by H.L. Mencken: Ecdysiast. It means An erotic dancer who removes their clothes as a form of entertainment; a stripper. So everyone can be ecdysial and an ecdysiast if they wish. And I'm sure that everyone has someone in their lives that wishes they would.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

Yeah, this one's easy. But, damn, is it ever sexy.


Are you one of those people that likes to travel? Do you love spicy food from Bangkok and the amazing night culture of Rio? Would you like to sit down to a bowl of hashish in Casa Blanca? Ever dreamed of being multilingual and swapping stories of the old, tricky spider from Gold Coast and Coyote from the desert? If any of this is true, then you may have an attraction to foreign peoples, customs or cultures.

First off, we like the way the X sounds like a Z. We could make 'Zuh' sounds all night. Then the whole first syllable sounds like 'zin' and we like wine so we're headed down a good path. That N always does good things for us as we put our tongue on the roof of our mouth and press gently but firmly. Be wary of the O, for it does not really want to be made an O. We just want to give it a schwa and continue on to our favourite part of this word: The climax and la petite mort. The way the PH makes the bottom lip rake under the teeth is so fucking sensual, it gives those bedroom eyes even if you don't have any. Then the way your tongue rolls to finish with the ILIA... Notice your tongue press against the back of your teeth then fall out so that the 'Yah' sound is more of a simple exhalation than a diphthong. *sigh* I'm turned on. You?