Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Cold

Somewhere else, I mean. Yes, it is something like 23 degrees here but it's really not too bad. I just got back from a walk and I'm not a popsicle or anything. Why was I on a walk at 4:30 am? Because I got tired of rolling around the bed. I don't know if you have this problem but my mind never stops going. It really doesn't. I can quiet it down considerably if I try. Sometimes I distract it. But it just never stops. You say: "Isn't that a good thing? You must solve all types of problems and come up with all kinds of great ideas." Solving a problem is one thing, not 813 things. That's how many ways you end up looking at a problem as you lie in bed for hours. Then if you only had one problem, that would be a joyous occasion. And there are the self-imposed problems, too. Like this blog, for instance. You're here, dear, because I made you by choice. And everyday that I don't post something adds another problem and 813 more solutions.

I've been wanting to talk about the enemy for sometime now but I have a hard time coming up with all of it. Andrew said somewhere(i couldn't find it, see if you can) that Old People are the Enemy. Something like that. Well, I agree. But it's not age that does it. It's an attitude that they get because of their age. It's hard to define but I'm willing to bet that it has something to do with the closing in of impending mortality. We're still young, friends. We're not close to death yet. And if we are, we'll burn out brightly. People will see it. Old people just kind of wither.

I think it's important that we understand why they are the enemy and what makes them so opposed to youth and youthful attitudes before we start killing them. Just so we know who we killed.

I am torn. Should we try to win them over? Or just let them die? Or should we demoralize them before they go by explaining that they're from a different time in history and whatever efforts they've made to preserve that time have been in vain, that we've won, the young will always win because we inherit everything anyway, you can give it to someone else, you can claim no responsibility, put it into trusts, or just burn it on your funeral pyre but you have still left us with everything and we will soon do with it what we wish?

I think one thing I always had a problem with was sticking to the old ways just because they were the old ways. I mean, seriously, how many times have the old ways been so good that no new idea had a chance at improvement? Yet, still they cling to these fucking bones of value like that's all there ever will be.

And maybe I'll get old some day and think that we had all right and these young whipper-snappers don't know what they're doing to my world that I worked so hard on but I doubt it. Maybe I'll die before I get jaded.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

So sometimes I don't know what do with the things that have been put in front of me. But I think about it a lot. Some might say that I think too much.
But sometimes, sometimes I find a really cool word.
You're definitely going to need to hear this one pronounced. So go check out the clever little tool that provides.
You'll be surprised if you try get all frenchy on it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Self-Published Bullshit

no way
i'm so fucking hot
i can't weed
jump right
cheers, mates
thanks to the flying stars
keep going baby
she's going
let's step on the tacos
what time is the mosquitoes?
they're much more worse than the tacos
what time is it? i can't
finish it
sip that shit
i hate to bite it i'm just telling you
it was me and ross in the car i don't know
ross just assed out
is love forever can you find love forever
and if you can can you keep it forever?
and she'll leave you troubled worrying all the time
harmonicas ring in the background
and the party once again moves outside no
smoking in the house
she kept me down and ran me all over town
a wonderful party in the smoke and the heat
it makes everyone else just a little crazy
love me
take off your clothes
and this demon around he can't keep me down
she gives true love like a bowtie
and the colors and the sounds
and the whir of the fan
blow blow sweet wind on me
outside yelling distracts my mind
hurry and hurry wash me over
harmonicas ring
beautiful words of infinite wisdoms of finite passivity
meditate and see and beuatlfjk adijnljsf
she runsa rascke sofre oim
a jdkooijcadnriadkfaeoiADFASIVMAir
jjjjunbethera f
the weeds takes hold
my fingers race
love and death surround me
love and nnmbness
her phone call wakes from sleep the demons inside and they roar
angry beasts to bring dreams and fear
what night is this
what fall is this
bring me 'round to the day that compses a night of horrors
fun peace and mercy
siletn smoke rises blue smoike
light smoike put me out into a tray that runs over with stories

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

For many, many reasons this week's word is perfect. And you're glad of it.


Oh, I love the smooth th in this one. How it rolls on across the A and into the R. And you're all well aware of how much I like words that end with S. Yum.

We only really need the first definition of this one:

--noun. the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, esp. through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or music.

Actually, I dance a lot. And beat on things to make rhythms. I'll pretty much dance anywhere, just so you know. I don't even need any extra music. There's a constant soundtrack in my head. Don't ask for more details on that one.