Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

It happens especially when the sun begins spending more time with us, when the wind is a more comfortable warm, when the birds start to sing and chirp and carry on just because they feel like it: Wanderlust. That feeling that you need to see something other than the same old horizon. New trees, new bees, newbies. I've done a little research(because I'm a bit of a planner) and it turns out that travel doesn't take much money, just time. Take the time to move and be moved. Cross some fucking borders.


PAIR is the first syllable and if you're gentle with it, it will turn you on. Be kind, be soft. Feel the vowels deep in your throat as the cords vibrate. Don't roll this R. As a matter of fact, treat it like an Aussie and move around it like a wallaby in the road. The second E should schwa out of your way if you steer correctly. The next GRUH could use a little hairlip--Elvis. Then the last NAYshun syllables just pop out like setting the parking brake. Don't hold that N. Let it go.

n.--- a travelling from place to place; a wandering.

Fly, my Pretties. Leave the nests and explore those other lands. Sweetly. And with open hearts.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

Maybe you have never committed murder. Perhaps you've never embezzled billions of dollars or shipped kilo after kilo of black tar heroin across international borders. You probably messed up somewhere along the way though. If only just for yourself, you may need some Expiation.

n.-- atonement

Anything that starts with the X sound is sexy. XXX, e.g. Then we move quickly to the PEE-AY part of the word. Almost diphthong but not quite. Make sure it's smooth, baby. The last syllable is an easy SHUN. The key to saying this word is to cock your head slightly to the side and move your eyes up to the corners in an effort to look mischievous. Leave 'em wondering if you're truly repentant.