Wednesday, May 13, 2015

by Shelbie Dimond

Good Morning, my Lovelies. That silent glow grows on the horizon as our warm friend rises to greet us. Golden arrows shoot towards us over the eastern mountain tops as the sun gains momentum.

Like a body whose beauty is paralyzing and blinding, the radiance emanates from every curve of its landscape and you struggle to take it all in at once. It's easy to parse it up and start at the top of the head sweeping slowly down to the toes, inhaling with your eyes.


The first syllable is like the first half of the word IF, just the ih part. Then the F does the heavy lifting for the stressed second syllable and you know how we do Fs, drag your bottom lip under your front top teeth into the ool, making certain to purse your lips well for the long U sound. And the l should bring your tongue to the roof of your mouth quickly but gently. The final syllable is like the sudden pleasant surprise exclaimed about a rather well-dressed and polite man:  GENT! Except ease the e sound slightly towards a u sound. Not all the way! Just a taste.

adj.-- shining forth brilliantly; radiant

She always was a matter of fact, she burned my retinas and melted my wings. But I crashed into the ocean with a blind grin on my singed countenance.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

by Amanda Charchian

You know that vision in the back of your brain that seems wonderful but couldn't have been real, there's a dream that you remember so clearly you must have been awake. She held you tightly on top of a mountain and you can still remember the smell of her hair, some sort of faint perfume, soft and flowery with a little grapefruit but also the hint of sweat, heat coming off her freshly exercised body. But did it really happen...


n.-- a distortion of memory in which fact and fantasy are confused. 

Looking back, it's hard to separate them, the dream and the anticipation from what actually conspired. And then I wonder, does it really even matter? Does she remember the same mixture of desire and destiny? Perhaps none of it occurred. Nothing really matters now that it's over, right? Might as well have been a complete fabrication. She never showed up and you never talked to her. But the imagination has a way of making things lovely nonetheless.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

by Corwin Prescott

Now that the temperatures are rising and the sun lingers in the sky, a movement can be felt from within a body. It's a shimmering vibration that takes hold of your outer limbs and urges movement. If the compulsion for locomotion is not satisfied there is a faint dizziness that can set in.


The V is delicious as your bottom lip drags under your teeth and the ERT! comes explosively. Then through the short I to the soft G back to the short I in such rapid succession that one might be forgiven for neglecting the transition but we shouldn't ever neglect transitions, darlings. Then the NOUS-ness of a word, giving it properties that are encompassing arrives at the last moment but can drag on as long as you need it as you narrow your eyes and draw up your smile ever so slightly, not giving away too much but inviting a mystery.

of, relating to, or having vertigo
producing dizziness
3.    whirling


4.    changeable; unstable


Some might question the positive nature of the word but I say if you've never been dizzy then you've never been in love, stood at the edge of the world, or done anything worth doing at all, really. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Zen

The mind that is not baffled is not employed. The impeded stream is the one that sings. -- Wendell Berry 

Friday, January 4, 2013


Surprise Lake at Aniakchak National Monument

I'm often caught reflecting on the beauty of the remote places in the world. To go and see those place that remain almost untouched by our dirty, developing hands surely must be a dream of many and the reality of few. I want to go. But I'm not sure I want to share.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

Now that is has seriously gotten cold -- I mean, it was cold before but now it's time for lintel soup and hot toddies. There are no two ways about it: The temptation to curl up on the couch with your favourite and wait out the blustery wind, dreaming of warmer days and planning your next outdoor adventure is overwhelming but we all know that being out of doors when the leaves fall heavy and the breeze from the North is relentless can be refreshing to the soul. So go ahead -- well, i'm not insisting but -- shucks, put on your thermals and heavy boots, wrap your scarf tightly -- I am insisting. I'm also practicing my new style of writing.


It requires, well, it's tough to define but easy to see if you -- I could have made this slightly easier to read but, I(it's my fingers' fault, really, since they're shivering a bit from the open window) can't quite focus on just this one thing. My list for today, things to-do, is getting long while I sit here typing.

noun, -- lack of grammatical sequence or coherence, esp. in a sentence.

So go on, my darlings, blame your anacoluthia on the weather but we all know it's the whiskey in your cocoa.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday's Sexy Word Of The Week

Those clouds today are gently suspended on rays of sunshine, spreading the light out into a glowing, ambient illumination. No sharp points and no wincing at the frightening discovery of things better left in the dark. The whole world is soft. 


A soft D is a great start to it. 

adj.-- Of such fine texture as to allow light to pass through; translucent or transparent.

Don't fret, my lovelies, for this week is just one more in our lives and the cool air allows a certain reflection that evades in other times of the year. Reflect on things with a slanted look, sideways glance. Evaluate fully but one piece at a time.