Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

by Mark Velasquez

Few lullabies are so instantly recognizable and agreed upon as the gentle lapping, splish-splashing of water. To lie beside the sea and listen to the waves, some large, some smaller, come up to greet the shore with a sudden pop then slowly slide swishingly away is universally desirable.

And sometimes the water is crystal clear, allowing one to see individual grains of sand several feet below the surface but sometimes a deep blue engulfs all light and any small stones one may happen to toss in. The magic of the clarity or the mystery of the darkness holds us in awe.

Then there's the feeling of the salty water on your skin, the slight abrasion as the waves press the grains against you. And the taste of your skin after a refreshing dip, like sweat but fresher.


adj.-- of or relating to seas or oceans. 

Not all voyages are across the globe and not all sirens sit on rocks to lure Odysseus but we can all be sailors in our own ways. We can sing while we scrub and we can glean pleasure from the warmth of the sun upon our faces.  

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