Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

by Korney IL

This week's word is not the sexiest sounding but it's one of the sexiest ideas. It's the underlying cause of so much sexiness, albeit unconsciously. You know why we euphemize sex with the phrase "being intimate"? Because that's what sex is, intimate. But sex isn't the only intimate act between two or more humans. One of the most intimate acts is a conversation of confessions. Sitting together in a darkened room, glasses half-full of bitter concoctions, smoke drifting around lazily, perhaps music playing but not being heard, and one of you says something that you've never said aloud. The reactions from the others are key and they know it. They also know you trust them. You just made that connection for them by spilling the beans, letting the cat out of the bag, or DISBOSOMING. 

That's right. If you reveal or confess something, you know, get it off your chest, you DISBOSOM. 

Makes sense to me. Also, bosoms...

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