Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

by Corwin Prescott

Now that the temperatures are rising and the sun lingers in the sky, a movement can be felt from within a body. It's a shimmering vibration that takes hold of your outer limbs and urges movement. If the compulsion for locomotion is not satisfied there is a faint dizziness that can set in.


The V is delicious as your bottom lip drags under your teeth and the ERT! comes explosively. Then through the short I to the soft G back to the short I in such rapid succession that one might be forgiven for neglecting the transition but we shouldn't ever neglect transitions, darlings. Then the NOUS-ness of a word, giving it properties that are encompassing arrives at the last moment but can drag on as long as you need it as you narrow your eyes and draw up your smile ever so slightly, not giving away too much but inviting a mystery.

of, relating to, or having vertigo
producing dizziness
3.    whirling


4.    changeable; unstable


Some might question the positive nature of the word but I say if you've never been dizzy then you've never been in love, stood at the edge of the world, or done anything worth doing at all, really.