Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear Jock:

I realize that you want to seem like you're interested in this class and have a little to contribute. I also realize that you're looking to make up for those comments made earlier in the semester. But please, please, do not try to tell me what a blackhole is, what it does, or why it happens. I'm no space genius but I do consider myself pretty literate on things astronomical. For instance, that the earth revolves around the sun and not vice versa (re: your earlier comments).

Also, I am extremely happy that you've read Paradise Lost. One thing I think you missed: it's fiction. Completely. Milton made it up. Yes, I do realize that the modern idea of Lucifer has been formed around that story just like most people think of Dante's Inferno when they think of a place called Hell. Again, fiction. Milton did not predict the existence or location of blackholes. And that one you're referring to? Satan doesn't abide there.

Also if you're having trouble with centripetal force and physics in general watch this. Okay not the WHOLE THING! Just the from about 8:00 to about 13:00.

Thank you for your time. You may resume working out or eating or whatever.
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