Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

Sooooo, can anyone tell me why I've been thinking that this day is Thursday for the past 4 hours? No? Yeah, I don't know either. Sorry. Let's get to it.


The hard 'd' really does it for me. And the 'l' and 'c' right next to each other allow your tongue to do something special, no? As for the ending, I prefer the phonetic spelling to be [dis-kal-see-it]. Don't do the long 'a'.

With me so far? Well then, what does it mean?


without shoes; unshod; barefoot.

Barefoot. Cool. That's sexy, yes? Maybe I should have put a sexy picture of feet? But I like her freckles so much. Fine fine.

There. Happy? Yeah, me too.

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