Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

Hello, my lovelies. Has everyone broken out their white shoes? It's time to make sure there's plenty of shade in your chosen hang out spot. Speaking of shadows:


Now I'm not going to argue that this is the most attractive looking word out there. I'll grant that the U and G both tend to detract from the visual aesthetic. But let's say it out loud and see if it redeems itself. We could do the first syllable like a verbal pause,"ummm," but I'd rather us use a long U. OOOmm...Now your lips are all puckered, aren't they? And the B should be kind of soft, just a transition from the M to the R. And the R is relatively quick. I know you like to roll 'em but we're going to let this one slide. On to the long A, which falls in the stressed syllable, so it should hit hard and strong(hehe). The G is soft and should be treated with the front teeth completely together. It should almost be pulled from the front of the mouth to the back. On the way back, though, don't forget the E. That's right, pronounce it. Long-wise. The last little bit should look phonetically like you "JE-YUS" got home a minute ago. That's right, jump to the U from the E then throw that sweet little S on the end. Nice and soft. That's the way you should always finish. Savvy?

Now what does this word mean. Well, I gave you a hint.

--adj. 1. creating or providing shade; shady
2. apt to take offense

I'm pretty sure that you should able to go out into the world and find very appropriate moments to pull these words out, wowing the crowd with your copious vocabulary. Go, my darlings, be sexy and smart.
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