Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

Some people will try to tell you that when it's cold you cannot be naked. Well, pooh-pooh to them, darlings. I say it's necessary to be naked in order to partake in warming activities like yoga and cuddling. Want to know what's really warming, though? This week's word.


Rs are so fun because they're kind of like growling. Growling sweetly at that sweet thing who's in bed with you before you jump her bones. But don't hold it too long as you move into the E that we want short, almost like a schwa. Then the C is nice and soft like an S. The IN should sound like "get IN here, you beautiful creature!" Then let's make another almost growl with the ER, a down stress as your lips snarl just a wee bit. Let the R carry on to the long A. I'm pretty sure this is our favourite part of the word. The climax just before the denouement. And everyone knows how much we like climaxes. We don't want to neglect the ending, though, despite the SHUN sound. Shucks, that N is the kind of lovely that cuddling post-coitus is. You can hold it as long as you like, tightening occasionally just to make certain it's still there.

How does recineration warm you? Well, check out the definition:

n. -- second time a thing or place is burned down

Fire is warm, right? And it brings to mind a phoenix since not many things can burn down more than once. Well, maybe White Water Tavern.

Have a lovely, chilly week.

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