Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

It's not the things we show others that make us special. It's the things we keep to ourselves. Your secrets are the greatest classified folders of information that I try to discover without you knowing. I sit and watch your eyes wriggle as you think and your fingers move gently over each other in the way I want them to move over me.


It's simple but wonderful as your tongue moves from the back of your throat to the front teeth with the KL sound. The A is short but not too much so. Then another fun sound as the N and D meld together. This time your tongue moves from the front the the back then that D pushes off to the ES which gets just a little extra time than one might think. The T is not quite hard but not really soft. The important thing is that the I is long. This makes your mouth move around the vowel in a way that can form your lips into a smile. Then the N is sweet and sweet is always a nice way to end.

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