Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Reader

I feel accountable to you. And I've let you down. I'm sorry. I'll admit that I get all kinds of ideas for posts when I'm driving but then I get home and sit down at the machine and lose everything that was rattling 'round in my head. So let's be completely random for just a moment:

For some people, the words that they already have a quite enough. They get the things done they need to do for the day. They can buy their beer and Ramen noodles, pay their bills, and watch TV. But for others, myself and most of my friends, we need new words. And I'm not really sure how we're going to accomplish expressing ourselves without reworking our lexicons. I have an idea that if we learned a few new languages we could somehow find 'le mot juste' within one of those. While I'm sure that onlookers will view us with contempt as we switch back and forth between languages, my ultimate goal is that we move our society along in a more meaningful direction. So fuck 'em. (How's that for common everyday words?)

My Beautiful Secret Holding Bird/Girlfriend said that we need a new word for saying "I love you. I'm sorry. Thank you." because those words have become overused and therefore almost meaningless. So I set to work. We're currently trying to get the word 'louethia' into circulation. Now I didn't do any etymological research. I didn't try to be all scientific about that shit. So this word may not stick but we're trying it. The wonderful thing about this word is that it is certain not to get overused just yet (since we just made it up!) because it shouldn't be. It's usage is for very specific occasions. When it is used, there should be weight and purpose.

Along similar lines, may we talk about what love actually is? We throw this silly word around so much and I have really become aware of its usage as a way to circumnavigate an actual apology: "Oh, you know I love you." To which I reply "Is that so? Well then why do you only tell me so when you've wronged me(even if it was superficial)?" I'm not saying that we should go around telling people that we love them all the time. That would get tiresome. And how! But how about we use the word when we actually mean it? When someone does something good for you or just tugs at your heartstrings with their actions, make it a positive reinforcement. People really like knowing why it is that you feel the way you do about them. "Why do you like me?" Instead of having to make a list--although those are fun and, I think, meaningful--just catch them at those beautiful moments. For instance, last night I missed out on the opportunity and I regret it. Hanging out on the porch, patio, veranda, promenade, drinking wine and smoking cigarettes(among other things ;), laughing and not really talking about anything of any particular import is sort of a dream of mine. When I am old and no longer running around trying to arrange the rest of my life, this type of thing will be why I get up from my afternoon nap.

More about love to come...
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