Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happiness is a Dirty T-Shirt (worn inside out)

Give up on trying to be everything you've been told you should be. There are simpler goals. And far more fulfilling. It doesn't always have to be about grandeur. Sometimes it's about nothing at all. And how, exactly, does nothing make you feel? Good? Bad? Medium?

There's a concept I've been working on and I like to call it channelling the aesthetic. The goal, put simply, is to find the beauty in whatever is in front of you and embrace it. Then once you've noticed it yourself, shine it outward so that everyone else will notice. See? You've grabbed a beautiful part of the world and held it up for everyone else to see.

Try practicing this concept while sweeping, driving, riding the elevator, or watching someone pick out a dress. Seriously, it's amazing.
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