Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week


Let me address one thing, quickly. Our sexy words are not chosen because of their definitions necessarily but their sounds. Just to give you a little clue as to what we're looking for we love voiceless dental fricatives (not a totally unsexy little phrase right there), bilabial plosives and nasals of almost any variety. That's just the consonants.

Carrying on...

Tempestuous. Like the way that 'MP!' hits? Me too. Oh, the esses are so seductive, aren't they? I want to hold that last one for days: tempestuoussssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Allora, what does this word mean?

Well, my typical source Dictionary.com let me down, well, okay, not let me down per se, but they just don't have near as cool a definition as the New Webster's Dictionary, 1990 ed. (yes, I have ancient dictionaries lying around the house. shit.)

Tempestuous-------adj. very stormy; turbulent; subject to storms of passion.

Ha! I just like the last little part there. "Storms of passion." Nice.

For posterity I'll include Dictionary.com's version, too. But I'm warning you, it's not near as cool.

1. characterized by or subject to tempests: the tempestuous ocean.
2. of the nature of or resembling a tempest: a tempestuous wind.
3. tumultuous; turbulent: a tempestuous period in history.

Told you.

So I haven't been thinking too much about enlightenment these days. Other than my own, that is. I mean, I could throw some random shit out there but we don't want that. We want substance. We want Truth. We want reality and how to deal with it. Here's just one thing that I think is fun and sort of comes from my Buddhist background:

Nothing. Why is it so scary? Are we so attached to things--material and otherwise--that we can't just let go and hold nothing? See nothing? Hear nothing? Say nothing? Try being very silent and still. Try emptying your mind and area. No reason for being for just a few minutes. I could tell you what happens but I'm not a surprise spoiler. Trust me, it's worth it. Nothing.
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