Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

I'm not going to jerk you around this week. Let's get right to it:
Okay, now, be careful not to rush it. You guys should know that by now. That last S should be held almost to a fault. I just love that V. It gives you a chance to scrape your topfront teeth across your bottom lip like you don't get to do in everyday life.
This word may not get used very often but if you try hard enough and really pay attention, I bet you'll get to use it quite efficiently.
--adj. Belonging to the Malvaceae, the mallow family of plants.
Well, that helps because we all know that the mallow family is, right? Marshmallow? Negative.
The mallow family includes such as the cotton plant, hibiscus, hollyhock, mallow(duh), okra(which i love), and rose of Sharon. Not a bad little family, really.
Try something like "Oh, yes, I really like a lot of the malvaceous plants." in response to someone discussing their new hibiscus.
Go do it!
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