Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week


I know, I know. This isn't really a vocabulary lesson. Everyone knows what this thing is. That's not the point! Say it, dude. The hard CH at the beginning shouldn't put you off a bit. The Y should draw you in, especially since it's pronounced like a short I. And pretty much any NTH combo should be perfect. The way it makes you put your tongue between your teeth is almost more than I should think about, sitting here all alone with my legs crossed.

A Treatise on the Philosophy of Paper

As I walked down the school supply aisle the other day at work(just because i was headed somewhere else, not on purpose), I found myself looking longingly and critically at the notebooks, judging which would suit my writings better and feeling the urge to purchase those.

I have plenty of paper. Loose sheets for the printer or typewriter. Three leather-bound journals. One Moleskine that I keep in my bag that's always with me and one on the desk. Spiral notebooks with college-rule paper abound in every room, it seems. There's that big hardback notebook in which I have begun my novel.

All that is not to mention how many books lie in every room and on every surface just begging to be read and scribbled in.

And yet, I want more. Is it a subconscious thing? Not anymore, I guess.

I just like the way it feels. I like the sound of the pen(fountain or other) and pencil on it. It smells good. Moves under your hand in just the direction you need so that your lines will droop slightly at the end of its unruled sheet. Or has that hard red line on the left to show you where to start and that soft red line on the right as a polite suggestion that you stop but it really doesn't matter, does it?

No matter how full a sheet may seem, there is always a little bit more that you can fit onto it. And you can put whatever you want, wherever you want. Want to practice shading here? Want to put a poem here? Your name? Date? A flower? A skull? It doesn't matter. The paper willingly stores it for you. Keeping it right there until that time that you shall need it again.

I love paper.
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