Friday, February 26, 2010

It's best if You just get out of the Way

We are dangerous boys. We will fuck your shit up.

No, no, no. It's not that we're threatening physical violence. We're bringing something far greater than that, something vastly more powerful. For physical violence and personal injury will pass. They are temporary. What we have come up with is going to last much, much longer: Ideas. Thoughts.

That's right, we've come screaming into the marketplace-of-ideas with basketsful and we're hurling them around like so many pieces of ticker tape and garland.

We grew up learning that fire was hot by getting burned. Finding out what's at the bottom of a lake by holding our breaths and diving down. We've got scars. We've got memories and broken hearts.

We are not afraid to lose ourselves in the moment. We are not afraid to reflect on that panic later over a pint.

We will walk for miles because we have nothing else to do. Or simply cancel other plans so that we may walk.

But you should rest assured that once we've walked, woken up, sobered and retrospected, we'll have all sorts of things to say. And you, dear sir or madame, should listen. We want to change some things. We have become disillusioned and we are ready to start something else entirely. We may use our own voices. We may use entire volumes of others. Or we may cherry-pick quotes that fit our purposes(and we won't give a shit when you call us out on it).

We are here to make a difference and it's our choice. That you should recognize for certain. To see that we've chosen is to understand that we have decided minds. We're committed.

Oh, don't think we're close-minded. Quite the contrary, we are very open to new ideas. That is what makes us so dangerous. We're so open to new ideas that our very receptiveness frightens you. We will be more than happy to hear you out. And we can be very nice about things we like. But if we do not like something, oh, if we do not like something, we will let you know. Understand that we will try to be kind. But we don't have time to dilly-dally. We are in a hurry to put things into motion.

We invite you to join us. But if you are too secure in the old ways, the old days, then, please, step aside and let us get things done.
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