Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

Boys and Girls. We are here on the verge of seasons and it's humid and the wind blows and sun peeks around the clouds so that girls wear those sunglasses that make the boys melt. Boys and Girls.


We like this word from a couple different angles. Let's first notice that the Spanish word "calor" is present, as in "hot". Oh, yeah. Yes, that first C is HARD. Short A just after it then that L that we all love so much. That L lets our tongues play against the backs of our front top teeth. We could almost bite our tongues as they scrape across. Then let the L pull into that O and R as you cock one eyebrow up in the way that you look across the bar at that shining young thing whose body is swaying just perfectly to the music. This word is so finely sewn together that we can hardly separate the syllables. So we'll roll that R right into the ESC. Oh, S how you tease us with your serpentine ways! We get pushed by that soft C into the E that sounds almost like a short I. And here's my favourite part: N and T as one beautiful combination. You know how we like our Ts. Hard and sure. T! Not TUH! Just T!

--noun. Incandescence caused by absorption of radiation having a frequency below that of visible light.

Look at all those sexy words! Wowza. Yeah, we found another sexy sounding word with a sexy definition. You. Are. Welcome.
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