Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

It's warming up. You should have lost all that winter pudge by now. You should be getting ready to wear that cute little two-piece. You should know that I'd prefer you don't wear that two-piece. You know how I prefer you to show up everytime.


We love S words. (Scimitar, that's an S word. Saber.) And when a word's first syllable is 'suck', there's just no avoiding it. So we've determined that the first C is hard. Then the second must make our S sound for the transition. I'm going to let you make a decision on your own, my lovelies. You may make the E long or short. I've found that short makes it slightly more possible to stress the next syllable but do what you will. Just be sure that the D starts a syllable, it does not end one. It's with the long A. Day! Then that sensuous N. Feel your tongue on the roof of your mouth and relish it. Then push off hard as your mouth curves around the long E. Then drop your jaw for that last schwa sound which you may hold as long as desired.

Want an alternate ending? Okay: Succedaneum. This one can be really nice, too, because you can make that U almost long as opposed to the drab schwa. Then your lips will almost pucker as you hit that M and hold it as if you were enjoying the last bite of that mint chocolate chip ice cream that got slightly melty as you walked in the park beside that girl with the long brown hair and freckles on her shoulders.

Want to know what this Latin word means? It's such a simple one.

noun--a substitute.

I'm hoping you guys can figure that one version is the plural form.
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