Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week


Oh, how we love L words! Simply letting our tongues curl behind our teeth and roll outwards is a pleasure.

This is a place where, back in the old days, lots of the ship's extra riggings and gear were kept. In modern boats, it's where the steering gear equipment is located. Rudder shaft, et al. This means that it is an especially vulnerable place on the boat because of the holes in the hull required to get the shaft outside to the rudder. When under way and in stormy weather, a careful watch must be placed on the lazarette so that it doesn't begin to take on too much water.

It seems that we all have our own lazarettes, those special places in, or on, us that are susceptible to damage early in hard times but contain very important parts of what makes us who we are and keeps us going.

Keep a careful eye on your lazarette and be mindful of others'. Let's try to keep each other afloat.
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