Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

I don't have to post shit everyweek. You're not paying me for this shit. J/k, I love you. I missed you. C'mere and put your hands just inside the waist of my selvedge denim.


Okay, this F, I want you to really flick your bottom lip out on it. Don't make it too obvious but it should definitely send a little puff of wine-soaked breath out with it. Then the E should sound like pen not pin. Got that? Make sure that N doesn't get neglected. Your tongue should make it firmly to the roof of your mouth. Right at that place that always get burned then peels when you bite into a slice of pizza that's way too fucking hot. Keep it going as we roll on to the ES and into that first T. Now most dictionaries are going to tell you that that E we just hit should schwa. That's bullshit. I want you to keep that same sound we used on the other E. Seriously, look in the mirror and schwa it. Yuck! See how unsexy your upper lip becomes? Now, I meant to imply that the EST are going to be quick and they are, but I don't want you just tap that S. (hehe) Make sure it gets attention then on to the T and R. That R should not be rolled. Rather it's that sound that you make with your front teeth together, you know? Almost a CH sound. Long A here and this is the stressed syllable so get it right. Then we're at the home stretch, TION, which all of you know how to do by now. If you don't cling to that N for just a split second longer than the unsexied masses, I will find you.
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