Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

Is today truly reality? What about tomorrow? What if it's all just a dream? Have you ever dreamt about our Wednesday together on a Tuesday night? Things to come. Things to softly come to pass.


Short E into hissing Ss. There are two so pronounce them both. Not individually but as a pair that are linked, making a chain that will carry you to the long O. As your mouth rounds out that special sound of surprise move towards the gentle M so your lips come together in an expression of good, tasty, satisfying. Another short E passes quickly then onto the last ticking syllable. NIK! N and I sure but make sure that hard C clicks in the back of your mouth almost to your uvula but high-pitched enough to not be creepy.

adj. -- showing things as they will be in the future.

I'd like for you to show me what you will be in the future. Hopes and expectations. Black holes and revelations...
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