Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

I think that there are times when too much is never enough. Kisses. Wine. Leaves. Sunlight. Ocean. Mexican food. Oh, and Nakedness. It is never too soon to remove clothing.


A T is a tough way to start off a sexy word but if it's with the R it helps. You can roll that TUH! into the RRRRRrrrr nicely with a little practice. The short A is nice and short, hurried into that B where your lips come together softly then part with just a slight exhalation. Don't be too strong with the O. It's somewhere between a schwa and the OH! The Cs are hard and don't you forget it. Make them click near the back of your throat. It may help if you put a slightly desirous sneer on your face, like you want it but don't want to give too much away all at once. The ANT are an interesting set. Don't make it sound like an insect but it shouldn't be quite like your mother's sister either. If you make it through, make sure to put the breath behind the last T. Always finish strong, as if you enjoyed the journey.

adj. -- superabundant

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