Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

You know those moments when your breath catches and you feel all the blood rush to your head, a dizziness takes over then a flush, the heat comes from your chest outward, your feet tingle with a strangle sensation and your eyes go a bit wobbly? That moment happens when you see someone that seems to embody some type of heavenly beauty. It's clear that there is more than the aesthetic that's on the surface and you just know that under all those beautiful shades and sloping curves, her personality would make you swoon.


It's a long I, EYE, paired with a hissing S but it won't be enough ICE to cool this word down. Slithering into the short A then the N which makes your tongue rub, push against the roof of your mouth. The transition to the soft G can be difficult but is made easier if you stretch your lips forward as if puckering for a smooch then pull them right back into a sweet smile for the short E and move the tip of your tongue to the backs of your top-front teeth. That last syllable is key, isn't it? LUST without the pop of the T. Simply ending with that sensual S we all crave so much.

adj. -- equivalent to the angels.

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