Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dear Rapturist

I was reminded of this issue by these guys and thought I'd go ahead and make a quick post about it. At work a few weeks ago one of our regular customers and I were chit-chatting about this and that when the "End Times" came up and I said that I'm not quite ready for that yet. She said she's ready to go to heaven. Well, madame, I replied, if heaven's got all those people that are in church on Sunday morning, I do not want to go there. They're boring. Plus, I've still got some stuff to do here. Like: books, wine, kisses, foreign lands, tacos, bungee jumping, sailing, and LSD. And that's the short list. I really pity people who are so frustrated, or disappointed(?), with this life and world that they hope for something beyond. I know why they're distraught, I think. Because their beliefs forbid them from experiencing so many of the things that make this world beautiful. If you can't play, why stay, right? It's a terrible situation. I wish there were some way to free them. They should read this essay by Robert Ingersoll and see what awaits them on the other side of slavery.
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