Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Existential Episode #1

Okay so the title of this post means #1 episode for the blog, not in my life.

You know how you get tired of listening to those 3ooo or so songs on your iTunes and usually the over-the-air radio stations blow. Especially in such a poor market as I find myself in these days. So I've taken to listening to the iTunes radio stations and I found this one that I really like. They play the coolest new tunes as well as some pretty classic stuff. It's called The Current and you can listen too. Anyhooz, I was listening this morning and the DJ came on and said "Here's a local band that's pretty cool and they're playing tonight in [city in which I live]." No way! I couldn't escape it. So I looked them up and sure enough Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps were scheduled to play at White Water Tavern. They're great. Cool kids and a very nice little musical production. Very worth whatever you have to pay to see them.

Like I said, cool kids. They have some great stories about being on the road and if you ask the right questions, they'll give you all the right answers. Look 'em up. Go see 'em. Buy a T-shirt.
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