Friday, February 20, 2009

Late Valentine's Day

So I've been thinking about love since they first put the candy out. The easy objection to Valentine's Day is the fact that it's commercial. You have to buy candy or flowers or chocolates or diamonds or bullshit. Also, there's the fear of the DTR(that's define-the-relationship) talk that it forces. Ya know? Either you like me enough to buy me something or we should break up. But I think perhaps my biggest objection is the lack of perfection of expression. Those chalky conversation hearts are great to eat but a bit cheesy as far as sweet nothings go. Instead of a simple "I love you," etc., let's try something a little more precise. Blame it on my predisposition towards modernism.

I like coffee, but most of the time
I need at least three lumps of sugar and
A little bit of cream to make it palatable.
I could drink you black.
Yes? No? Maybe?
In the darkness that is my life
Many candles have served to illuminate this corner or that.
Along you came and all at once
The whole room was visible at once.
I think these things are slightly more meaningful.
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