Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Girls Girls Girls

So here's a little bit about feminism. I've been called a feminist so apparently I'm qualified to make observations and so forth:

Females and males are different. Biologically they do different things. They are not, however, differently intelligent. They are not meant to perform different tasks. My wife, if I ever get one, will not be "expected" to cook and clean and stay home with the kids. 1. I like to cook. 2. If she makes more money than me and that's highly probable, I'd be more than happy to stay home. I open doors for girls. And guys. If she asks me out on a date, she should pay. And vice versa.

Now, understand that I probably do give girls a little bit more attention and special treatment than I give men but that's because I like them more. I find them more attractive.

Here's the deal, in our world, where people of all sorts of sexual orientations are becoming accepted(finally), there's no longer one single combination of couples so there really can't be a cookie-cutter model for the home. We can't say that men make the money and women keep the house because then a lesbian couple would be broke and a gay couple's home would be disgusting.

This stuff also rolls on to attitudes about sex. For instance, while I do find Roissy's blog tremendously entertaining, the double standard on women being sluts and men being studs is antiquated. Mostly because it's a construction that we talk about but never really find ourselves clinging to deep down inside. Prudes that are female probably want to have lots of romping and rolling. They call sluts sluts out of jealousy. I'm trying to remove words like slut and whore from my vocabulary but they're so ingrained that it's difficult to do. Promiscuous has a negative connotation, too. How to refer to a female that's had more than 1 sexual partner? What about 20+? A man? Have we ever quantified?

And why are women victimized? Why do we always say the man took advantage of the woman? Women are perfectly adept at getting what they want. In fact, we talk about how they hold all the cards. So can't they deal them out when they want to?

One last note: ladies, please hold us to the same standards you hold yourselves to. If you shave and wash and match and shit, expect your man, any man, to do the same for you. Men are pigs because you let us be. Oh, this isn't telling you to brutally psychologically whip your man into shape. And don't be passive-aggressive either. Tell him what you want. Same goes for dudes, too.
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