Thursday, October 1, 2009

How do you like your Marrow?

The other night I was talking to a couple guys about a lot of things including beliefs and reality. One asked me,"Why, if you believe that this life is all there is, are you online discussing this stuff instead of out living and sucking the marrow from life?"

The problem is that this question implies certain criteria for what it means to "suck the marrow", as if there's some checklist for the activities that one must participate in so that they may look back at death and say that, indeed, life has been full.

I, being an open hedonist, believe that this is not the case. No one's list will match up with an other's list. Not a single person on the planet will find perfect agreement about what should be done, seen, heard, smelled, tasted, etc.

Should we all go canyon-jumping in Switzerland? Well, as someone who's done it, I tend to lean toward "yes", but I cannot tell you that your life must have sucked if you didn't. Should we all read Harry Potter, Jane Austen, The Iliad, Vonnegut or Danielle Steele? See?

Don't assume that whatever you think is "the good life" is what is. Everyone has their own feelings and opinions on what's fun, necessary, important and crap. While I am sure that many people do find several things in common, that does not mean that it is the standard.

What's my point? Stop telling other people that they shouldn't do that or listen to this or read that or travel there. Let them go and do for themselves. Stop being a cock block. People's jollies are to be gotten however they see fit. STFU. thank you.

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