Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Since a lot of the purpose of this blog is about keeping the truth from blinding, here's a little tidbit we were discussing today: Don't be in a hurry to be right. Many times we're confronted with a new idea or concept or even just a fact about our world that we didn't know yet and we feel pressed to have an immediate and profound reaction to it. Perhaps by the individual who shared with us or maybe by the group that surrounds us as we learn. But there's no hurry. As a matter of fact we should not feel pressed to form an opinion so quickly at all. How could we be intellectually honest with ourselves by trying to think deeply within a thirty minute period? Think deeply?, you ask. Yes, think deeply. About everything. Critically, of course, but that is merely applying scientific methods and questions to the idea. Deeply would be to try to apply to your life and see if such a concept has ever or will ever be relevant to your life. If it has not or will not, perhaps it's not a good one. Or maybe you just don't know about all of your future yet. Or you haven't thought about all of your past. To discard or dismiss an idea quickly is also bad form. These things must sit, allowed to seep into our consciousnesses then they will bubble to the surface when you least expect it, shining forth a light into what was once a dark corner of our knowledge. This post isn't meant to be a deep thought but rather instructions on how to have them. Just one road. There are many.

News: I'll be heading for DC next week for spring break with my mom and three exchange students. We're driving so I'll have plenty of time to read, write and think(oxford comma omitted). There will be pictures too. YAY!
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