Monday, March 23, 2009


So today we went to the Smithsonian Institution's Hirshorn Museum, Museum of American History, Natural History Museum, and American Art Museum. I wish I was brilliant enough with my words to give these places the praise they deserve. Seriously, I've been to museum's all over the world, okay? These are great. Especially, of course, the natural history one. The dinosaurs are awesome. And the mammals. And the orchids. Wow. I did take a few pictures but I'm not going to post them today. The weather was nice. A little cool but nice.

Can I just rant a bit about people being so overly controlling that no one has fun? Listen, I realize that if a group consists of easy-goers then it's possible that nothing will get done. But if it's three easy-goers and a stick-up-the-ass, things are bound to get nasty. Easy-goers are can be real chill when things are cool, but the real ones will get riled up pretty quickly when their easy-going attitude is being trampled upon. Don't you think that's how it should go? We're fine for almost most of the time. I guess it's just that we choose our battles and it seems to be that the battles we choose are really about particulars but rather principles.

Oh yes, now you may jump in and say "Wait, you're easy going? I thought you were a self diagnosed obsessive-compulsive." That's true. I won't argue. Here's the deal. I'm working on it. I have been for a long time. I really works me on the inside like you wouldn't believe, but I seriously try to let lots of things go. I just bite my tongue. But I sometimes find myself at odds with something that's so out of line that I have say something. I think perhaps the problem is that all the tension built up from having held my tongue for so long comes out all at once. Whoops! I'm actively trying. At least I have self-awareness.

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