Monday, March 1, 2010

"Don't be silly, you daft boy!"

It has occurred to me that if you use a phrase like that, you give the "boy" an excuse for not understanding. Don't let him get away so easily. Don't insult the person, insult the ideas. Allow them enough room to understand, as it were.

Here, on this blog, we are trying to get everyone into the light. Every one's path may not be the same way. Some may have to wind around a bit before they step out of the cave while others are ready to come bursting out straightaway.

Let us be gentle with those who aren't quite ready. These people will be those to whom the whole idea of searching is new. The ones that are ready will find you and grab a hold. The timid ones are those who were not even aware that people are busy sussing out these things. Treat them sweetly, like that baby raccoon you nursed after your mother killed its mother with her minivan.

The point is that we should let no one have the excuse of being stupid or unable to grasp. Some will be purposefully obtuse and those we must devour, chewing them up and tossing their bits in the ditch, but the slow ones are not, usually, stupid, merely not quite ready. Let them know you're patient. Talk to them. Show them. Continue to press but don't force. Don't squash them. Don't frighten them. The Truth is scary enough on its own.


Thank you.
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