Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

It's such a beautiful day. And I'm so turned on.


We love Ls. With your tongue behind your teeth, hold it there and make that sound. Llllllll...Plus, the first part of this word is 'lust'. Haha! Then that first T is softer as it turns to the R. That long A is nice and punctuated by the much harder second T. "Tuh!"

Pretty, no?

I really like the meaning on this one:

--verb. to purify by a propitiatory offering or other ceremonial method.

That's from

The New Webster's says the verb means:

--to purify as by water.

Baptism? Perhaps. Let me take you down into the water, darling. We can take turns purifying each other. Then we won't let but the sun and wind dry the drops from our bellies as we lie there with our sunglasses on and talk of things that mean nothing to anyone except for ourselves.
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