Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday's Sexy Word of the Week

I like today's word so much because it works from so many different angles. It's absolutely yummy.
First, you can do it the french way and roll the R nicely then turn the Ls into a Y. Of course, the I would be more like a long E. Hit those Ts hard and forget the rest of the word.
Or the english(american) way would more likely schwa the I after the plain R. The Ls get to do their intended job and the Ts wouldn't be quite as hard. The S finally gets attention and you can hold it as we are wont to do.
So much for the pronunciations. How about the definition? It's HOT, too.
An appetizer made usually of pork or goose meat that is diced, seasoned, cooked, and then pounded or ground to the consistency of a spread.
O. M. F. F. S. M. That sounds delicious...
It's also a sexy looking word.
Like a girl lying on her side, looking at you from across the room, asking what you have planned for today. "I was thinking about walking down to the market to get some some fresh tomatoes for the pasta sauce tonight. Do you like this jacket?" "Yes, I do."
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